October 25, 2012

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I remember eight years ago, where I was. I was still trying to figure out live, and mostly myself. I really didn’t have much back then, as I was starting a new life, the only thing I had myself, and proudly I stand on that, with hopes for a good future. Yesterday I turned 37, and having happy feelings about it, as well sad; I arrived to this age, especially because one amazing situation marked my life forever. The man I loved with all my heart and soul was 37 years old back then. Accomplished man, settle in what he wanted, his house, car, career, pretty much a good life. A man I admire and placed my eyes and heart on. I worked my live close to his standards and learn some new ones for myself. He was 37 years old, I was 29. July 2nd 2004 is the day when my life changed. The only and truly time where I felt the world around me is not other than just see through his eyes, his touch. I found happiness; as many of us we had hard times, we had great times, but that incomparable connection we had built a strong bond, in some point I felt in love, that feeling 8 years later still lay sleeping in me. No need to write again things that happened between the years, as we no longer are together. I just will say, I died the day everything came to the end, and I became a different man. Now I am the one who is 37 years old. I have accomplished a good live, settle in it, I own my house, a great car, and I do have a good career. but I no longer have my love.  I won’t complain, I am not longer upset for it, is what it is. I truly believe I never again will fall in love. Now these days I am single, I don’t have anyone in my life, and I am not looking either. I care for my loving cat who arrive into my life, that is all what I need. About the future is uncertain. About the matters of the heart, I don’t hope for anything. I had the best of the best, after that what else is there to look for. Just to keep myself smiling day after day. I am now 37, same age as you 8 years ago.


  1. I hope that your heart will open to love again - the love of friendship and of friendship that blossoms into romance. Without the power of love, the heart does not grow, and parts of the self are not realized. Material things cannot laugh or cry, hug or kiss, create or think, engage or express. Material things cannot surprise us with flowers and cupcakes, look into our eyes, hold us close when we are afraid, nurse us when we are sick, value us whether we have something or nothing at all. Yes, I hope you will open your heart to love again.

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  3. I have to agree with Brady, he is a wise man.

    You are loved. Open your heart.