April 15, 2013

To Be Human

Walk, walk, walking,
Rain is coming.
Breath, breath, breathing,
Rain have shown.
Think, think, thinking,
What about me!.
Feel, feel, feeling.
My heart is at a dream.
Talk, talk, talking,
Out Louder, voice your thoughts out.
Scream, Scream, Screaming,
I don’t want to be here,
It is too much for me.
Strong, strong, stronger,
What I became to be.
Focus, focus, focus.
Stay in track, only feel what you need.
Touch, kiss, hugs,
Be in peace, my own self in a dream.
Run, Scream, Fight,
Out loud, fly away, and let it be.
Kind of lost, at times I feel,
New days are passing in front of me,
What I have, can be taken away,
What I don’t far from gone,
It is a thought, in me;
Right thing, It is a guess that nobody knows,
Keep on walking, stay strong,
It is what I got,
Let it be, 
Good to be shown.
Good, stays in me.
Good surrounds,
It's a hope.
Peace, peace, be in peace,
One day it will be.

(With you I will be)......

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